David C. Burkley

Lead Pastor

A native Houstonian, Pastor David C. Burkley is known to many as a down-to-earth preacher with extraordinary gifts in biblical exposition, interpretation and proclamation. Pastor Burkley is a graduate of the University of Houston whereby he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. 

During the winter of 2005, Pastor Burkley received a calling from God to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ while serving as an usher at the Higher Dimension Church of Houston, Texas. As a young zealous preacher, God endowed Pastor Burkley with a unique gift to deliver a timeless message to a new generation of believers.  

Utilizing his gifts and walking in his newly accepted calling, Pastor Burkley began serving as the Youth Pastor at Higher Dimension, learning the nuances of ministry and equipping himself with the necessary skills that would very soon become vital to his destiny and calling in Christ. During the cultivating phase, Pastor Burkley did not stop at youth ministry but rather God opened doors of opportunity that afforded him the experience of serving as the College Ministry Leader, Young Adult’s Pastor, and ultimately the Singles Pastor for one of the country's premier mega churches. 

On January 16, 2010, Pastor Burkley held a meeting at his home to unveil to family and friends the vision God had given him for a new ministry that would be known as the “Fellowship of Faith" or “The SHIP” as it is now more commonly known today. 

Our motto at The SHIP is "Modern Ministry, Classic Church." Pastor Burkley believes that the Body of Christ should embrace the move of God today in today's generation while not forsaking the principles of scripture that have kept us "anchored" throughout the course of time. 

The Fellowship of Faith's vision is to create an atmosphere where the people of God can assemble to worship, receive biblical instruction, and fellowship with one another in the spirit of love, encouragement, and most of all faith! Pastor Burkley has committed his heart and life to Jesus completely and encourages others to receive the best of our Father's Kingdom and to take the knowledge of His love throughout the world, that all may be a part of our fellowship of faith.